• Prize
    Winner in Office furniture
  • Company/Firm
    Amtorp Design
  • Designer
    Jacob Amtorp
  • Photo Credit
    Stein Johnsen
  • Location
  • Client
    Scan Sørlie AS
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Tekla conference chairs are designed to give you the ability to sit comfortably for extended periods of time. The ergonomic shape provides proper support for the back, lower back, and legs. Tekla conference chairs come with four different base options as well as the choice of armrests or without armrests. The most unique feature is the versatility, which makes it possible to deliver tailored furnishing solutions for offices, institutions and home offices. When it comes to the chair family, it is the seat that binds the various variants together into a recognizable whole. Great emphasis has been placed on the design of the shell, to achieve the best possible ergonomics and comfort. In terms of style, we believe we have achieved an unpretentious, archetypal and timeless aesthetics on the chair family and on the table series with its "floating" table tops.Thanks to the durability and the sustainable production, Tekla is expected to leave a limited Co2 footprint in the long term. It contributes to a healthy working environment. Physically through the ergonomic design and psychologically, through the aesthetics and functionality of the design solutions.

After working as an architect on small and large scale building projects, I founded my studio, Amtorp Design, in 2014.My approach to design is closely related to my experience from working in larger scale, designinghouses and spaces for people.The renowned scandinavian design tradition, along with the functionalistic movement of the early 20th. century, has been, still is a great source of inspiration. My love and fascination with the natural world, geometry/mathematics and the common set between the two,is an ever present cornerstone in the designprocess from early sketch to technical design.

Other prizes
2000: 1. prize winner of Paustian design competition: "A workdesk for homeoffices". ? 2018: Finalist in Scandinavian design competition: "Sustainable chairs". ? 2021: "Woodpecker" chosen by The Norwegian Association of furniture and interior designers to be published in NIL yearbook 2021. ? 2023: "Woodpecker" German Design Awards. Winner in the category "Excellent Product Design - Furniture.