• Prize
    Winner in Materials & Innovation
  • Company/Firm
    I Am Not David Lee Studio
  • Designer
    David Lee
  • Photo Credit
    Tsang Photography
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The Ugly Ducting takes inspiration from two things - the basic element of drawing, “scribbling” and a common household item, the “duct hose”.

The lighted uneven line seems to jump out of the sketch book and taking 3D shape, forming a bright "scribbling lines" that looks surreal. With a fixture holding the tubes, it gives the impression that the line is floating.

Designed and made in my experimental centre, the Ugly Ducting is a prototype in development of an extended series of lamp design based on the idea of lines and ducting.

David Lee describes himself as a “jack-of-all-trades”. His works are
construction or creation from a diverse range of available materials.

He is the amateur plumber, carpenter, electrician - pretending to be a professional craftsman. A creative do-it-your-self artist, the craftsman deconstruct functional “stuff” from collected or recovered materials, which he recreate into different objects, giving them new perspective and uses.

Most importantly, the artist's experiments generate a new language that converse between death and reincarnation, but always in a fun way.

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