Shoreditch Calling

  • Prize
    Winner in Apartment Interior Design
  • Company/Firm
    Xprmntl Design Lab
  • Designer
    Juliano Cordano
  • Lead Designer(Other)
    Vanja Bazdulj (Advisor), Freddie Keen (Designer), WestPort Architects (Planning permission)
  • Photo Credit
    Darren Chung
  • Location
    45 Tabernacle Street, Shoreditch, London EC2A 4AA
  • Project Date
    April 2022

Shoreditch Calling Project is a declaration of love to London from their two owners. A city that has become their home and has welcomed two foreigners with open-arms.

The Flat sits in East London, a cutting-edge, boundary pushing, unpretentious, diverse and inclusive enclave of London. The building is an old Victorian warehouse which was one of the first buildings in the area to be renovated in 2000’s.

The Design Concept was to create an urban refuge that allows seamless movement from one part to another, taking inspiration from the natural light and its urban environment. The original floor-plan was a two-story open plan, with no roof garden. Since the Client focus was to entertain, we took a step back and compartmentalise to keep some private areas without losing the open plan feeling. The 4th floor was repurposed for entertaining and living, the 5th floor became a private space, and the 6th floor was added as multi-purpose outdoor space on top of the existent flat roof.

Almost everything in the flat is bespoke. Both owners appreciate art and beauty, so every piece of design and furniture was either specifically created for their home or deeply curated.

London, Shoreditch based JULIANO CORDANO
is a multi-disciplined contemporary artist whose art reflects expertise in the fields of architecture, interior and furniture design. His work is unconventional and a play on his creative upbringing in an untraditional Brazilian family. It seemingly blurs the lines between architecture and art.

Without categorisation, his work is fundamentally inspired by shapes, shadows, and the finite detail that makes architecture. He acutely understands the spellbinding precision required to create the hard, yet fluid shapes and angles of built structures admired