Les Versants

  • Prize
    Winner in Apartment Interior Design
  • Company/Firm
  • Designer
    Sylvain Bilodeau
  • Lead Designer(Other)
    Nicolas Mathieu-Tremblay
  • Photo Credit
    James Brittain Photography
  • Location
    Bromont, Quebec (Canada)
  • Project Date
    May 2022
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The residence is part of a traditional picket fence style condominium complex. The interior had little visual, spatial or aesthetic relationship with the exterior creating a sense of contrast and disconnectedness between interior and exterior.

The project aims to improve functionality and comfort. It’s approach unifies and amplifies the spatial perception and responds to the challenges with simple and ingenious interventions. Inspired by the exterior context and the needs of the client, the concept is centered on light and the possibilities offered by retractable panels with adjustable porosity.

Louvers, aesthetically both traditional and contemporary, cover the exterior walls. They slide horizontally or vertically (a system was designed, sliding vertically effortlessly) modulating the openings.

Steel beams left exposed from original design are reused and extended as yellow strips changing their trajectory when encountering planes or surfaces until becoming a custom designed wine rack.

A truncated circle shape is repeated throughout objects, such as a wood benches/mini bookcases/bedside tables, rugs, outdoor Japanese steps, accentuating the sense of continuity.

As a duo, Architecturama, Sylvain Bilodeau and Nicolas Mathieu-Tremblay have been collaborating for several years on creative projects focused on architecture.
Inspired by context, both tangible and intangible, and the way people occupy and perceive their environment, they manipulate programs, places and ideas to create relevant and sensitive buildings, objects and spaces. Through experimentation and research, they develop a singular architecture in which material, geometric and perceptual aspects remain central.
Their practice has been recognized in Quebec, Canada and internationally.

Other prizes
2021 WINNER Grand Prix du Design - Voyants ces voyants - temporary installation 2019 MENTION City of Laval Multidisciplinary Creative Metamorphoses Competition 2019 FINALIST Chalet Competition for the Val-Jalbert Regional Park Corporation (2nd place) 2019 WINNER Grand Prix du Design - Laps - Multidisciplinarity 2019 GRANT Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec - Architectural research project 2019 WINNER Muse Design Award - Rose Gold - FunambOule - Arches, Bridges, Viaducts & Gateways 2019 WINNER Muse Design Award - Silver - Paper 15 - Pop-ups & Temporary 2017 AWARD WINNER American Architecture Prize - FunambOule - Landscape Architecture/Installations & Structures 2017 FINALIST CISC-ICCA Award of Excellence - FunambOule - Architectural Staircase-Passages + Assembly (ingenuity-constructibility) 2016 WINNER Grand Prix du Design - LAURÉAT, Maison Lac Jasper - integrated furniture 2016 Award of merit Azure Awards, Maison Lac Jasper - residential interior 2016 MENTION American Architecture Prize - MENTION, Houses Interior, Maison Lac Jasper 2016 MENTION American Architecture Prize - Interior Design / Exhibition, BSP Contemporary Art Symposium 2015 WINNER Best of Canada Design Competition - Paper15 - exhibition 2015 FINALIST OAQ Award of Excellence - Lac Jasper House - single family residence 2015 FINALIST Azure Awards - Hedge - temporary design 2015 FINALIST Art Kudos International Art Competition - Hedge 2014 WINNER Best of Canada Design Competition - Baie-St-Paul Art Symposium - exhibition 2013 FINALIST OAQ Award of Excellence - Baie-St-Paul Contemporary Art Symposium 2013 FINALIST Cecobois Award - Baie-St-Paul Art Symposium - Innovation 2012 FINALIST Facteur.d - Baie-St-Paul Art Symposium - multidisciplinary 2012 FINALIST Grand Prix du Design - Baie-St-Paul Contemporary Art Symposium