• Prize
    Winner in Office Design
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  • Designer
    Kateryna Churina
  • Photo Credit
    Nastya Osypenko
  • Location
    Kyiv, Ukraine
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High pace of life and the dynamism of the world put forward new requirements for workspaces. It's not enough to be just comfortable. They are supposed to create appropriate atmosphere, arouse feelings, be multifunctional and sustainable.

TABOORET design studio's office is an attempt to reimagine the concept of workspaces. Designer Kateryna Churina created this office for her team.

It is located in the center of Kyiv and combines an office itself and a showroom of Kateryna’s own furniture brand. Inspired by the style of Danish houses, the designer has created a strict and at the same time elegant office, where the manufacturability is combined with cosiness, and each zone performs several functions. Soft shadows with falling sunlight provoke calmness. At the same time, the combination of rough textures with dense decor makes the interior playful and provokes experiments. This effect inspires colleagues in TABOORET team to create new design projects, which are full of meaning and concern.

Katerina Churina is a professional and creative interior designer who has been running her own highly successful studio since 2009. She has exceptional spatial planning skills, which have earned her numerous awards at prestigious international competitions.

Churina's design work is characterized by a modern Scandinavian style that prioritizes maximum comfort, minimalism, clear lines, and open space. Her studio, Churina Design, operates online without any geographical constraints.

Churina Design creates exquisite interiors for dream homes, boutique hotels, commercial properties, and investmen

Other prizes
Eurasian prize – 2021 (Bronze Private Interior), Interior of the Year – 2021 (Bronze Modern Apartment), Interium – 2021 (Gold Best Office Interior), Ukrainian design The Very Best Of – 2021 (Gold Office Interior Design), Interior of the Year – 2020 (Bronze Best Office Interior), IDA – 2019 (Silver Interior Design, Institutional), Interium – 2019 (Shortlist Smart Apartment), Interior of the Year – 2019 (Audience Sympathy Prize Office Interior), A3D awards – 2015 (Silver Best Modern Interior), PINWIN – 2014 (Gold Best Modern Interior), Industart – 2019 (Shortlist Best Furniture Design), Interium – 2017 (Shortlist Best Interior Design), Interium – 2015 (Shortlist, Best Interior Design), Sense – 2015 (Best Furniture Design).