The Greenhouse and library in office

  • Prize
    Winner in Zones and Rooms Design
  • Company/Firm
  • Designer
    Kateryna Churina
  • Photo Credit
    Andrii Posonsky
  • Location
    Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Project Date
  • Client
    L'Oreal Ukraine
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The interior garden or greenhouse is the heart of L'Oreal's spacious Kyiv office. Just as the desire for nature is the essence of human being, the TABOORET team has placed a green oasis at the very center of the workspace.

The interior garden is a place for employees to relax. Here they can reboot, take a break from the noise of work and plunge into the atmosphere of tropics without leaving the office.

The atmosphere of relaxation and harmony is created not only through visual images, but is complemented by sounds - the meditative birds’ singing from the speakers. By design the interior garden resembles a greenhouse. Inside a special microclimate was created with the help of high-tech ventilation and air conditioning equipment.

The library has become an ideal application to the interior garden. It is a hearth of calm and a place where you can retire for a while or work in silence. It also has its own microclimate and is equipped with additional noise insulation.

The library is separated from the interior garden with sliding system, which is made in the same style as the garden. Both spaces can be combined into one spacious recreation area with birdsongs and cozy corners.

Katerina Churina is a professional and creative interior designer who has been running her own highly successful studio since 2009. She has exceptional spatial planning skills, which have earned her numerous awards at prestigious international competitions.

Churina's design work is characterized by a modern Scandinavian style that prioritizes maximum comfort, minimalism, clear lines, and open space. Her studio, Churina Design, operates online without any geographical constraints.

Churina Design creates exquisite interiors for dream homes, boutique hotels, commercial properties, and investmen

Other prizes
Eurasian prize – 2021 (Bronze Private Interior), Interior of the Year – 2021 (Bronze Modern Apartment), Interium – 2021 (Gold Best Office Interior), Ukrainian design The Very Best Of – 2021 (Gold Office Interior Design), Interior of the Year – 2020 (Bronze Best Office Interior), IDA – 2019 (Silver Interior Design, Institutional), Interium – 2019 (Shortlist Smart Apartment), Interior of the Year – 2019 (Audience Sympathy Prize Office Interior), A3D awards – 2015 (Silver Best Modern Interior), PINWIN – 2014 (Gold Best Modern Interior), Industart – 2019 (Shortlist Best Furniture Design), Interium – 2017 (Shortlist Best Interior Design), Interium – 2015 (Shortlist, Best Interior Design), Sense – 2015 (Best Furniture Design).