• Prize
    Winner in Others Interior Design
  • Company/Firm
    Twins Studio
  • Designer
    Mihai Popescu
  • Lead Designer(Other)
    Ovidiu Balan
  • Photo Credit
    Alex Ionita
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Our belief that design is a healer cannot literally fit anywhere better than in a medical spot.

For NeoClinique the brief was to create a warm atmosphere with the purpose of making people forget they are in a dental clinic. We aimed a little higher and imagined the project as a curer for mind and spirit before it gets to its functional purpose of physical recovery.

All design elements tend to create a discreet immersive experience for a space in which it is easy to navigate with the senses.

The ceiling drives the narrative thread of one’s experience as a patient, being his guide from entrance to exit.

Round curves and warm pastel colors contradict the possible fear of dentist, while sinuous walls’ texture sparkle an inner tactile desire for touching. The voyage of senses is completely fulfilled by sound - individually controlled in each room.