The Bedford

  • Prize
    Winner in Sales Office Design
  • Company/Firm
    Studio Paolo Ferrari
  • Designer
    Studio Paolo Ferrari
  • Photo Credit
    Joel Esposito
  • Location
    Toronto, Canada
  • Project Date
  • Client
    By Burnac
  • Project Link
  • Web URL

The Bedford sales gallery is a guided sensorial and immersive approach, which unfolds through a series of spatial experiences. A succession of connected interior volumes continuously shifts from light to dark or expressive to understated – creating an experience that is informed by artistry, inventiveness, and an authentic sense of service and hospitality.

Our aim was to craft an immersive and memorable guest experience, one that expresses the sophistication of a private residence, while evoking a highly considered sales journey. The space provides an art gallery feel and the experience being tactile and intimate, one reliant on discovery and experience. The floor plan guides guests through a sequence of refined spaces, each celebrating a different aspect of the project in a way that engages and excites. The sales gallery interior is anchored by thoughtful design and effortless refinement, while balancing a respect for the past and the enthusiasm of the new.