• Prize
    Winner in Decorative Accent Lamp
  • Designer
    Yiting Hou
  • Photo Credit
    Yiting Hou
  • School
    ArtCenter College of Design
  • Location
    Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Project Date
    04/ 2022
  • Project Link

Perla, a wireless charging lamp inspired by pearl, whose clamshell is designed from the magnetic field. By conducting first-hand research on the users' response to existing turn-on/off methods, Perla provides a creative way for the user to control light by simply pressing the silicone pearl or flipping the movable part. In addition, magnetic powder is applied to emphasize color, which makes the light-on image more incredible. This design attempts to integrate the idea of collective memories with multi-sensories in order to stimulate and activate the user's tactile and visual senses.

Erin (Yiting) is born in Shenzhen, China, where tradition gradually blends with modernity. With ten years of Chinese paint learning during her childhood and theoretical studies at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, she gradually developed her modern systemic design philosophy. The idea is about hiding the power of dynamic into the simplicity of the static structure to show the integration between vitality and stillness, with the fulfillment of both aesthetic mentality and practical usage.