(c)heir - Variable seat height dining furniture for young families

  • Prize
    Winner in Dining chair
  • Designer
    Tamás Máté Nagy
  • School
    Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design
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A piece of adaptable dining furniture making the seat height apt for children and adults as well, lengthening the lifetime of the traditional high chair.

Children and adults require different ergonomics when it comes to seating. For the child after the age of about 4, the previously much needed security of a traditional high chair starts to become a burden, hence other, less restricting high chairs or boosters are used. These can become obsolete once children have outgrown them, taking up unnecessary space in the home.

The height of the chair can be transformed by turning the seats over, making the seating height and depth better suited for children. A footrest also helps little ones in getting up and down from the chair on their own. When children grow up, the furniture can be converted back to the adult size position.

The chair is made of beech, an accessible and widely used material for its structural properties and durability. The longevity of the product and the underlying idea also makes the concept emotionally durable.