Edges Stool

  • Prize
    Winner in Stool
  • Designer
    Katherine Freeman
  • Photo Credit
    Katherine Freeman
  • School
    University of Iowa
  • Location
    Iowa City, Johnson, Iowa, USA
  • Project Date
    November 24, 2022
  • Project Link
  • Web URL

This enchanting stool showcases a geometric form made for comfort. The form creates such intrigue from every angle while being designed for strength. The white color allows for light to bounce off every polygon of the geometric form. The negative space is simultaneously playful and elegant. This stool will be at home anywhere from a cozy coffee corner to a fun midcentury modern ski resort.

First year graduate student in the 3D Design program at the University of Iowa. I have a specific interest in organic shapes and textures. I aim to create a sensory experience with every design of furniture and objects.