TWISTED Laminated seating furniture series

  • Prize
    Winner in Stool
  • Designer
    Yuval Shargil Hen Braunstein
  • Lead Designer(Other)
    Yuval Shargil Hen Braunstein
  • Photo Credit
    Sergo Braunstein
  • School
    Hit Holon Institute of Technology
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Laminated seating furniture series inspired by the movement of ribbons.

Our chairs rely on the basic principles of ribbons movement. The flow, the continuity, the lightness and the never-ending movement of the ribbon, along with the transformation of a two-dimensional element into a three-dimensional one, were the principles which we were intrigued by and led us for research during the design process.

We wanted to create chairs with a unique shape that preserve minimalistic values ??and test the limits of the seating area while maintaining comfort and functionality.

The TWIST that we developed by shifting the direction of the strap in the objects serves a functional and aesthetic purpose.

The series consists of a stool, a side chair, and an armchair. The series is based on a core unit and various add-on options.

The objects are made out of laminated wood.
We created the molds for ourselves and by ourselves using metal straps in order to get more complex forms and challenge the capabilities of the material we chose.

We feel that each object in the series can stand on its own or be part of the family.