• Prize
    Winner in Lounge chair
  • Designer
    Cassily Zhao
  • Photo Credit
    Cassily Zhao
  • School
    Artcenter College of Design
  • Location
    ArtCenter College of Design
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Älskar is a lounge chair designed for residential living rooms. It reimagines the inherent connection between humans, homes, and nature and aims to give the users a feeling of peace, belonging, and security. Through exploring, the shape of the back and seat started to express the form of leaves and petals wrapping, overlapping, and intersecting in nature. The smooth curves and round edges create a softer, friendlier, inviting comfort. The base of Älskar takes the form of a nest to have the leaves nestle in, thus giving the users a feeling of peace and security. Overall, this form integrates nature into the residential interior, allowing users to feel the harmony of nature and the warmth of home.

I'm an industrial designer based in Los Angeles. I style aesthetics; I solve problems; I embrace new trends, I design with gratitude.

To me, a good design is aesthetic and honest. I aim to deliver minimal, elegant, and sleek interpretations of everyday products. More importantly,I pushed my design to start with user empathy. Being human-centered is at the core of my innovation process. Deep empathy for people makes my observations powerful sources of inspiration.