Florencia Lounge Chair

  • Prize
    Winner in Lounge chair
  • Designer
    Camila Lerena
  • School
    College For Creative Studies
  • Location
    Detroit, Michigan
  • Project Date
    May 5, 2022
  • Project Link
  • Web URL

The Florencia Lounge Chair features a smooth continuous frame with seamless zero hardware joints. Making the chair simple to construct reduces the need for extra tools, hardware, and instructions. The hooked leather or cotton offers a comfortable and beautiful spot to unwind. The hooked cloth relies on gravity to hold the sitter, creating a hammock feel that adapts to the user's contour.

The Ghost Orchid, native to South Florida is characterized by its lack of leaves, making it seem like it floats in mid-air. Latching onto tree bark with its roots and swinging outward.
Its swinging sepals and petals and the feeling of suspension of the flower are translated into the Florencia chair.