• Prize
    Winner in Other Chairs
  • Designer
    Xiaoya Lyu
  • Photo Credit
    Xiaotian Mei
  • School
    Art Center College of Design
  • Location
    California, USA
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Skates is a versatile chair designed for shared open spaces. “Skates” refers to its special affordances to dance around different needs and environments. It has two elegant “skating blades” and a multipurpose surface. It is designed to be casually shared, easily moved, and artfully arranged into any ad-hoc working space.

The multipurpose surface is combined with three surfaces: seating surface, backrest, and Flexi-surface. The Flexi-surface has different usages. When sitting face side, it is the armrest. When facing back, it is a desktop. When Skates is used as a stool, it is the sitting surface. Moreover, Flexi-surface is also the handle to drag the chair all around the shared open spaces in the offices.

For design details, it uses light colors for a casual vibe, satin white leg for a mobile visual, and stitchings with a vibrant contrast. The dimension of the chair is 31.5in wide, 17in deep, and 28in high. The seating height is 17in, and the Fexi-surface is 28in. The multipurpose surface is made with bent plywood wrapped with upholstery, and the “skating blades” (legs) use steel tubes with powder coating.

Shirley Lyu is a product designer with an infinite range of ideas. She is now studying at the Art Center College of Design. She is interested in lifestyle products, spatial experience, social innovation, and furniture.