reverb: modern office divider

  • Prize
    Winner in Office furniture
  • Designer
    Jaclyn Jamieson
  • School
    Carleton University
  • Location
  • Project Date
    April 2022
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Modern day office spaces do not offer privacy needed for co-workers to create zones/implied boundaries to comfortably work and collaborate with others.

The design opportunity that can be discovered lies in developing a dynamic, string divider that can easily create divisions of space in hybrid/modern office spaces (i.e. task areas or lounge areas). The use of string brings in an ‘airy’ dimension to the divider that demands division without creating isolation. The divider is to be portable and flexible in its use (ex. used as a barrier and as pin-up board) as to reflect the hybrid format that a modern day office relies on. This solution will create obvious ‘implied boundaries’ by using non-traditional materials to create an unavoidable boundary which censors workers on the other side of it. This divider will be highly mobile and extremely easy to construct. To achieve this lightweight nature, the frame is made out of entirely aluminum (100% recyclable in end of life). With this solution, it can give co-workers more control of their privacy needs in an environment that changes day to day. This will in turn, make employees feel more satisfied and encouraged in the workspace.

Hello! I'm Jaclyn Jamieson, and I am a recent graduate of the Industrial Design program at Carleton University.

I have always been a problem solver. Looking for new challenges is what attracted me to this program. I am constantly exploring and looking to learn new skills.

I have always been fascinated by product design and aspire to create designs that can improve day to day life and have a positive impact on the world.

Other prizes
Honourable mention in IHA Student Design Competition