• Prize
    Winner in Coffee Table
  • Designer
    Grace Cai
  • School
    Artcenter College of Design
  • Location
    Pasadena, CA
  • Project Date
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Wander is a side table that represents a constant wandering of human inner emotions by simulating the changing relationship between shadow and light during a lunar eclipse.

There are many dark moments in life that come unexpectedly - partings, failures, breakdowns, and denial, eating away the light of life little by little. However, the darkness is not permanent, just like the process of the lunar eclipse, the shadows covering the entire sphere slowly move away. Then, the light follows.

For Wander's tabletop, the adjustable bronze glass allows you to expand to the range you like. It simulates sunlight reflected during an eclipse. Asymmetrically shaped supports for the left and right sides of the table legs convey the conflict and contradiction between the current situation of the self and the external reality. The glass on the top can be seen through as if the inside ego wanders in between different states. Wander allows you to contemplate and enjoy a moment of peace.

Wander tells a story: Allow the past self, whether good or bad, to die, embrace your present self, take whatever “wander” you have with you, start again, continue to go forward, and live in the moment.