• Prize
    Winner in Living room furniture
  • Designer
    Livia De Prado, Paula Varela, Natasha Paris
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Mesa Rubra, was born from the motto "slow furniture for fast change" and the connection of the product it offers our sponsor: natural, renewable and sustainable. The Slow movement is a cultural current that promotes claiming human activities and taking control of time, giving priority to activities that result in the development of people, finding balance with the use of technology aimed at saving time. In design, this translates into the creation of furniture with manufacturing processes and sustainable materials that are, in turn, durable, functional and versatile and that are also capable of generating an emotional bond with the owner. This philosophy also seeks to benefit and defend designers as workers with unique ideas, encouraging them to buy products directly from them or in spaces where their work is recogniced and respected. Mesa Rubra is a living room table inspired by wood, looking for references in the trees, in their environment and in their various shapes and textures. Wood goes from being just a simple material to the reason why our table makes sense.