Taal - Outdoor Street Seating

  • Prize
    Winner in Public park & Public area furniture
  • Designer
    Aditi Kaur Sachdeva
  • Other Credit
    Prof. Vasudha Karhadkar
  • Photo Credit
    Raktim Raj Kalita
  • School
    Mit Institute of Design
  • Location
    Pune, India
  • Project Date
  • Web URL

Taal is a street seating bench made of steel tubes. Taal means “Rhythm” in Hindi. Rhythm is created by the variety and repetition of elements that come together to create a visual beat.
Street furniture is an important part of cityscapes, they make cities more pedestrian friendly. They create an opportunity for people to interact together while sitting and resting. Sidewalks require fun and dynamic furniture that reflects the street's mood and bring people together.
Taal is a two-seater bench with a buffer area in between, to make two strangers sitting on the seating comfortable with each other. The buffer area can be used as a surface to place belongings.
The repetition of tubes creates a trapezoidal seating surface that curves down to continue the form. It is joined together at the bottom using a rectangular metal section, which can be hidden below the pavement when mounted on the street, creating a seamless flow of curves from the ground.

The repetition, along with the color, lays emphasis on the form of the bench, making it drawing and eye-catching for a passer-by.
The multiple tubes also create beautiful shadows when light falls on them from different directions.