• Prize
    Winner in Baby & Children chair
  • Company/Firm
    Jennifer Gracia
  • Designer
    Jennifer Gracia
  • Photo Credit
    Jennifer Gracia, IN TOTO, 2023
  • Location
    Melbourne, Australia
  • Project Date
    November 2023

IN TOTO means ‘as a whole’ to create a product that allow user to be able to grow and develop meaningful connection to it.

In this case, IN TOTO represents furniture designed for multifunctionality catering to the requirements of both adults and children. Its key feature lies in its flexibility to be reoriented, thereby enabling it to fulfill various functional roles within interior spaces. The furniture can be repositioned to serve various purposes, including functioning as an adult's chair, a child's chair, a child's play table, or a stool for both. The chair's legs are interchangeable to accommodate both children and adults, while the detachable modular cushions provide a customizable option for users.

IN TOTO was created to inspire changes in behavior and mindset, encouraging users to see furniture as more than just an object. By growing with both children and adults, it fosters an emotional connection between the users and the product, imbuing it with meaning. This ensures that the product is valued beyond its initial and even broken state, as it holds memories for both users.

Jennifer Gracia, currently situated in Melbourne, is a versatile designer with a strong interest in practical products and the integration of art and design. She aims to further explore the limits of creativity by continually seeking inventive solutions across various mediums.