A children's game table and chair system

  • Prize
    Winner in Other Children Furniture
  • Company/Firm
    WENKUN YUE Studio
  • Designer
  • Lead Designer(Other)
  • Location
    Room 209, Building 1,No. 1101, Huyi Road, Nanxiang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai

1 Introduction: This is a set of small tables and chairs designed for children from preschool to primary school.

2 Main material: Black walnut/cherry wood

3 Innovative points:
a.The desktop of the children's table can be flipped 0-80°, and it also integrates the magnetic blackboard material, which can realize 5 functions of blackboard, writing table, manual table, reading shelf and easel. The metal rods between the legs can be mounted into rolls of drawing paper, and an optional drawing book bag accessory is also available.
b.It achieves growth design by making the legs of the table higher or adding pulleys
c.The children's chair uses a customized metal connector to connect the backrest and the chair surface, which allows the backrest to achieve a certain degree of elasticity, thereby improving comfort.

4 Sustainable Benefits:
a. It can reduce the purchase of chalkboards, easels, reading shelves to save resources through multi-functional design
b. It can achieve a much longer service cycle than the ordinary children's table, through the growth of the design
c. The wood used is FSC sustainable certified
d. It can reduce carbon emissions in transit by using flat carton packaging