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    Winner in Chair
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  • Designer
    Pieter Van Tulder
  • Photo Credit
    Studio Katrine
  • Location
    Øystese, Norway
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The Sondre chair represents a new and innovative model for sustainable furniture manufacturing, valuing ecological and social sustainability as much as financial sustainability.
The production is local and decentralized and based purely on reclaimed wood from local waste streams. This avoids depletion of virgin resources and human interference in natural ecosystems, and together with the absence of toxins in the production process makes each Sondre chair a positive contribution to the environment.
The low-threshold production empowers individuals with meaningful employment opportunities. The reclaimed wood undergoes upcycling in a sheltered workplace, where it is also transformed into base material for the chair.
Each Sondre chair has an eclectic look and is a unique play of lines, colors and texture, due to the diversity of the reclaimed wood. If necessary, a repair blends right into the chair.
Sondre embodies the potential of sustainable design and ethical production practices to create positive change. By prioritizing environmental conservation, social responsibility and community empowerment, this chair carries the values of a more sustainable and inclusive future.

Pieter Van Tulder, born 1981 in Belgium. Living in Norway since 2015. Ecological designer, founder of FjordMoods and developer of 2050 Furniture.
Van Tulder designs furniture as well as production processes. His main focus is always on ecology and creating environmentally friendly and socially ethical production lines.
Van Tulder's designs process starts from a structural problem: the waste pile. On this moment he works mainly with waste wood. He intentionally designs furniture that can be made from upcycled waste wood in a low-threshold production. This way he preserves natural ecosystems.