tie chair

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    Winner in Chair
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    Shigeki Matsuoka
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    Franco Tadeo Inada
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The tie chair 2020 is inscribed with the concept of a chair for couples to get along. It is a piece of furniture for resting the body, and we believe that the components of a chair, such as the height and angle of the seat and shade tree, and its strength to withstand weight and body movement, have unlimited possibilities. We feel that pursuing the beauty of a chair to any extent is as important as its function. We want it to be elegant and meaningful, satisfying the space and time spent on it.
To achieve perfect seating comfort, they are made from a solid block of wood that is carved out with a knife. It expresses a seating comfort that cannot be achieved with bent wood, cushions, or springs. The Japanese hand tools, the plane and the knife, are indispensable for this purpose.
The "tie chair 2020" has undergone a series of model changes since 2013 and was completed in 2020.
We do not use automation machines, but use traditional Japanese hand tools to develop our products.
These chairs require daily training and skill as craftsmen. It took seven years from the first model to the current model. These chairs are not only beautiful, but also comfortable to sit in and touch.

Shigeki Matsuoka is a furniture designer, craftsman, and the head of furniture studioKOMA. He is a furniture craftsman who knows how to create chairs that are not only beautiful to look at, but also strong, structurally sound, and durable. Every part of the chair has a meaning and is made up of the minimum number of parts necessary to create a beautiful chair that is comfortable to sit on and touch. He is also committed to the development of young people.

Other prizes
The 20th Asahi Contemporary Craft Exhibition(Japan) The 23rd Asahi Contemporary Craft Exhibition(Japan) Selected for the 45th Japan Craft Exhibition.(Japan) TAKUMI Award", WOOD FURNITURE JAPAN AWARD(Japan) The 1st Wood Design Award 2015 "Encouragement Prize(Japan) The 2nd Wood Design Award 2016 "Encouragement Prize(Japan) Wood Design Award 2015/2016/2017/2018 Heartfull Design Award(Japan) FX International Interior Design Awards FINALIST (UK)2020 Red Dot Award 2021 (Germany) A'Design Award&Competition2021 GOLD AWARD (Italy)