Enots Floor Chair

  • Prize
    Winner in Chair
  • Company/Firm
    Noriko Hashida Design
  • Designer
  • Location
    Tokyo Iwatani materials Corporation
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  • Client
    Iwatani materials Corporation
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The advantages of floor seating are a low point of view, a feeling of space, a sense of security and physical relaxation.
The floor chair has a gently curved surface for comfort and is designed to fit in with modern interiors.
The slightly higher seat surface makes standing up and sitting down easier, while the weight shift allows you to lean forward and work comfortably at the table.
The resin seat cushion does not wear out in comparison with urethane seats and can be wiped with water for long-lasting, clean use. Hollow and lightweight, it can also be used outdoors.

Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, majoring in industrial design, and joined TOTO Ltd. In 2008, he established NORIKO HASHIDA DESIGN, and in 2009, he became a professor at the Department of Design Engineering, Shibaura Institute of Technology. He has been researching and developing designs for household goods, furniture, and equipment using kansei engineering.

Other prizes
Recent works include the Minimal Chair 2016 Red Dot Award and Good Design Award, the A-Line chair 2018 selected as a JIDA Museum Selection, the Petit toilette Good Design Award 2020, the Kids Design Award, and the KANSEI Engineering Society Cute Design Award Grand Prize. In 2020, his book "Emotional Design in Practice" will be published by Ohmsha. He is a member of the jury for the Good Design Award and Kids Design Award. Member of Japan Society of Kansei Engineering and Japan Institute of Design.