• Prize
    Winner in Chair
  • Company/Firm
    Tulga Product Development
  • Designer
    Sila Yilmaz
  • Location
  • Project Date
    October 2023
  • Project Link
  • Web URL

Crux draws inspiration from the ancient Lotus position an enduring symbol of mindfulness and inner peace passed down through generations. Rooted in archaeological remnants, this posture informs Crux's design, reflecting a deep historical and cultural connection to meditation traditions. It symbolizes not only physical stability but also the pursuit of tranquility sought by practitioners worldwide. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Crux transcends mere seating to become a sanctuary for the mind and body. Its ergonomic design seamlessly integrates cultural heritage with contemporary functionality, prioritizing user comfort and well-being. Utilizing buckwheat seeds and linen fabric, Crux mitigates issues of perspiration and bacterial accumulation, ensuring a hygienic and serene meditation experience. This holistic approach underscores Crux's commitment to enhancing the meditation journey, offering unparalleled support for prolonged periods of reflection and mindfulness.

I am Sila Yilmaz, an industrial designer who graduated from Isik University and I completed my education in 2023.

While I was interning at Pelsan Lighting, I had the opportunity to work on Philips project and improved my mechanical design skills in the process. Before that, I learned furniture design by working at Vizyon Karavan. I have recently left Tulga Product Development, where I have been working part-time for about a year. Due to the increase in engineering and defense industry projects at the company, I decided to redirect my creativity towards design offices.