Intersect Chair

  • Prize
    Winner in Chair
  • Company/Firm
    Bekerwerks Design
  • Designer
    David Beker
  • Photo Credit
    David Beker
  • Location
    Philadelphia, USA
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The concept behind the intersect chair emerged from a vision of crafting a seating experience that embraced comfort by seemingly suspending the user within its structure. To cultivate a sense of security and enclosure, the design incorporates a cubic frame, which effectively serves as the legs, armrests, and cross bracing for the chair, providing both structural support and creating a physical and visual barrier. The height of the chair is kept low to allow it to sit comfortably in a room without being overbearing. The openness of the design allows for light and views through the chair, giving it an airy and weightless appearance.

The chair is made from solid maple: Its light hue, coupled with a clear finish, contributes to the visual lightness of the piece. The wood’s density and solidity instill a grounded and sturdy feeling when the chair is in use. Careful attention was paid to the edges and corners that come into contact with the user, rounding them into gentle curves, while other edges remain sharper, elegantly defining the chair’s visual boundaries.