JALU 2.0 chair

  • Prize
    Winner in Chair
  • Company/Firm
    Jan Goderis design lab
  • Designer
    Jan Goderis
  • Photo Credit
    Jan Goderis
  • Location
  • Project Date
    september 2023
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The starting point of the ‘JALU 2.0’ chair is the search for a basic seating position on which the design is modelled.
Thanks to the contrast of metal and leather, the fully shaped design gets a contemporary twist. The ‘JALU 2.0’ chair functions as a resting point; while at the same time, it is meant to radiate an architectural monumentality.
Sustainability is a key element in my design process. That’s why I focus on comfort, functionality and qualitative materials so that it is useful and relevant for multiple generations.
The chair exists independently of current 'fashion phenomena’, and becomes more beautiful with age, allows easy care, and is connected to its users
I am always looking for ecological alternatives. The metal, for example, has been treated with an environmentally friendly lacquer process and the leather is tanned with wood rosin.
Although the chair has a minimalist look, it is the product of extensive aesthetic and technical research.
The leather of the back is clamped into round slats, they are inserted into the back support tubes. This construction detail is visible and gives the chair its character. The visible wood gives a warm aspect to the chair.

The startup of the Design Lab in 2021 is based on decades of experience, and aims for a wider range of ‘design assignments’, ranging from furniture, lighting, objects, utensils,…

While designing both existing techniques and digital tools are used.

There is a vivid interest in researching new techniques, materials, ergonomics, ecology, social and economic aspects in the designing process.

The development process looks for the essence of a design, for form, material, production and user-friendliness in dialogue with the various parties.

Other prizes
Interieur Kortrijk-Belgium, LICC-England, Neue Wiener Werkstätte- Austria; Evolo-USA, SIT-Award, A'Design award, DSM awards,Prize Designs for Modern Furniture + Lighting, ITSLIQUID INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION AWARD,IDA Design Awards,LIT Lighting Design Awards...