• Prize
    Winner in Stool
  • Designer
    Miiko He

This is a modular pet furniture set where three seating modules can be combined or used individually. The design is aimed at providing furniture for human-pet interaction in public spaces such as offices and shared areas, especially tailored for cats and their owners. With the increasing number of people keeping pets, taking them out, and bringing them to work has become more common. The goal is to respond to this trend by offering some fun and cozy furniture to create a communal space for people and pets to interact.

The inspiration for the tube-like shape comes from the habits and preferences of cats. When in unfamiliar places, they often prefer to stay in relatively narrow spaces to feel safer. The interconnected tube-like spaces formed by different modules can serve as a playground for them to play and roam.

The outer layer of the tubes is wrapped in soft upholstery, providing seating for people. The combination of tubes at different heights offers various sitting positions for users.

Made of plywood with wood veneer, the interior is easy to clean. The outer fabric is scratch-resistant, and metal legs provide stability, preventing tipping.