Evrim Stool

  • Prize
    Winner in Bar stool
  • Company/Firm
    Shipway Living Design
  • Designer
    Romney Shipway
  • Photo Credit
    Brittney Kwasney
  • Project Date
    July 2023
  • Web URL

The Evrim Stool was meticulously designed for commercial and hospitality settings, emphasizing both elegance and durability. The aim was to create a timeless piece, considering robustness, maintainability, and appeal to a higher-end market. Using metal and wood, the stool ensures a long lifespan and easy recyclability.

An innovative feature is the backrest, where spindles pass through the back and front aprons, offering both a surprising visual element and enhancing the stool's performance. The careful design of the spindles provides structural support and a pleasing aesthetic, ensuring a sturdy assembly without the need for glue. Four bolts beneath the stool allow for easy seat pan removal, simplifying upholstery replacement after years of use.

The foot rails follow a similar principle, integrating metal into wood with precision and securing the fit with adhesive. After years of exploration and prototyping, the Evrim Stool embodies a harmonious blend of materials and form. Its appearance is a result of a commitment to simplicity, sustainability, and the principles of geometry and physics.