Poty Armchair

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    Winner in Armchair
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    Stdio Lucas Caramés
  • Designer
    Lucas Fialho Caramés
  • Photo Credit
    Marcelo Calil
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The Poty Armchair is inspired by the exuberant Craft Culture of the Delta Parnaíba, brings a unique fusion between contemporary comfort and elements local traditional. Built with a solid wooden structure, this armchair stands out for its generous upholstery that provides a comfortable seating experience comfortable. However, the real highlight is in the carnauba straw weave which elegantly wraps around the armchair, incorporating a distinctive craftsmanship of the region.
The carnauba straw weave not only adds an authentic aesthetic touch to the armchair, but also rescues and celebrates the rich local artisanal tradition. Each detail of the plot is a testament to the artisanal skill passed down through generations, connecting the piece to the cultural fabric of the State’s community. The contrast between the solidity of the wood and the softness of the upholstery, combined with the handcrafted weave, creates a piece of furniture that not only provides physical comfort, but also a visual and tactile experience that harks back to the region’s cultural roots.
The Armchair is a celebration of the past and present, where design
contemporary meets tradition.

The Studio Lucas Caramés Authorial Design is a Brazilian brand of furniture design and objects that exalts its roots, from a perspective minimalist and contemporary, reinterpreting the story of
Brazilian modernist furniture.

Its purpose is to make a design with meanings and stories, through an individual expression with the objective of strengthening the collective, transforming the day people's day, understanding from a contemplative gaze, its essence.

Lucas is graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from the University
Catholic of Brasilia, studied at Furniture Design Course by The FIDI.

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