The Benjamin Chair

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    Winner in Armchair
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    Lucas Bond
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The sculptural character of the chair is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical, durable, and adaptable. Its timeless design guarantees perfect harmony with various types of decoration and architecture, from contemporary to classic to modernism. The Benjamin chair can be made with a seat made of natural straw or upholstered of fabric or natural leather; Its wooden structure can be made of various types of hardwood such as walnut, oak and ash. Allowing users to customize the chair to suit their personal preferences or the décor of their surroundings, ensures that the chair remains relevant and attractive for years to come.
The wood goes through a series of machining processes until it reaches its final shape of each part of the chair. The heavier processes, where there is greater material removal, are done by automatic machinery, others that require greater precision are carried out by CNC machines. In the assembly of the pieces, a refined manual work is done that requires the skill of an experienced carpenter. Its shapely feet connect to the seat in an unusual way, conveying lightness and sophistication.

The architect from Brazil, Lucas Bond, is at the forefront of the creation and development of Decormade's products, an industry founded in 1974 that today is a national reference in the manufacture of furniture.
Lucas expresses the authenticity of his design by combining traditional manufacturing techniques with new manufacturing technologies. It inserts coolness to the inheritance, generating a line of timeless furniture.
Today his pieces can be found in the main design shops of Brazil.

Other prizes
Selected product on the 34# PRÊMIO DESIGN MCB.