• Prize
    Winner in Armchair
  • Company/Firm
    Se Boo
  • Designer
    Udi Yahav
  • Photo Credit
    Eli Gross
  • Location
  • Project Date
    Nov. 2023
  • Web URL

The Unika chair is as full of contrasts as the bamboo it is made of. Powerful and strong on one hand, but also flexible and pleasant to the touch. It possesses a natural and wild beauty, while at the same time instilling warmth and a homely feeling.
These contrasts are made possible thanks to exclusive and innovative design developments, which for the first time allow bamboo poles to be combined with a variety of other materials (like wood, metal, marble, and plastic) in ways that redefine the boundaries of creation with this unique raw material.
The legs of the chair are made of triangles which provide stability and rigidity without increasing its weight. The upper part of the chair is constructed with a round bamboo and wood frame, which serves as a comfortable armrest. This armrest incorporates a floating backrest, that allow it to adjust itself naturally to the lower back.
The bamboo that makes up the chair is not dyed and does not require any finishing or maintenance. Those traits, in addition of its being a true "renewable resource", make it a timeless and sustainable alternative to other materials with a high carbon footprint used in the furniture industry.