POLY lounge, an upcylced relax & work chair

  • Prize
    Winner in Lounge chair
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  • Designer
    Michael Kruijne
  • Project Date
    04 2023
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The POLY chair aims to shift a part of our productive activity to a comfortable reclining chair.
The variation in work environment breaks monotony and stagnation, contributing to well-being.

We currently face the challenge of depleting natural resources and an uncontrollable amount of waste.
The POLY concept seeks to illustrate how we can face this challenge with a design mindset that leads to valuable furniture pieces.
The POLY lounge was specifically designed to make maximal use of residual and waste materials.

Wood components are meticulously crafted from discarded office tabletops.
Foam elements can maintain a sleek profile due to the angular orientation of the wooden parts on the frame, which already contributes to the seating comfort.
Metal parts receive a 100% leftover powder coating, the color leans towards shades of grey, with potential variations.
Because of the small independent seating elements, upholstery can be sourced from surplus textiles, further minimizing waste.
The seating elements are bolted onto the frame, allowing for easy disassembly and repair.

Apart from the steel frame, this chair is basically made out of garbage.

KRUM is a design studio dedicated to the principles of efficiency, sustainability, and innovation in architectural and furniture design. Founded in 2012 by architect and product developer Michaël Kruijne, the studio incorporates the ethos of "Form Follows Function" while adding the values of Frugality, Foresight, and Fun. At the heart of KRUM's mission is the optimization of efficiency across the entire lifespan of its creations. By emphasizing a seamless transition from conception to end-of-life for each object, KRUM strives to produce functional and captivating pieces.

Other prizes
POLY chair won the Henri Van De Velde Award 24