Sarto Series

  • Prize
    Winner in couch & sofa
  • Company/Firm
    La Firme
  • Designer
    Louis Béliveau
  • Photo Credit
    Ulysse Lemerise
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Salon is the first piece in Sarto, a series of functional, mutable seating.

The series takes its name from the source that inspired modernist architect Mies Van der Roe’s famous dictum that “less is more.” The phrase comes from the 1855 poem “Andrea De Sarto “by Robert Browning. It succinctly describes the thinking behind the series.

Sarto’s objective is to reduce costs and materials, simplify production and maximize customizability without sacrificing taste, quality, or comfort.

The laser-cut aluminum base reduces manual labour in production and is fully recyclable. By setting smaller components like leg pieces within the area of the seat piece for cutting, the process reduces material waste and makes for a lighter finished piece.

Minimizing seating foam makes Sarto light, both visually and materially. It also means less upholstery fabric is needed.

The Sarto family has a few members. Banc is a sleek, basic commercial bench that can be customized with a side table in various heights. Available in sizes that seat from 2 to 6 Salon, is a minimalistic sofa that is fully customizable, from optional armrests to colour of frame and fabric print. Andrea is an anomaly, not a sofa