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    Winner in couch & sofa
  • Company/Firm
    DONNA fashion furniture
  • Designer
    DONNA fashion furniture, SVOYA studio
  • Photo Credit
    SVOYA studio, Nk Interior
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RAFT is a timeless versatile and comfortable product with customizable dimensions and multiple configuration options. A team of famous Ukrainian designers from the SVOYA studio designed it especially for DONNA furniture company and its clients.

The concept of the RAFT sofa is based on the image of a dinghy from which the designers borrowed inflated shapes and details, held together by rope-like stitching. The material and color of RAFT are available at the customer’s choice. However, DONNA furniture company shares its recommendations regarding the materials, intending to provide the customer with a product in its perfect form in which it's possible to trace the special design of its author.

The product uses Austrian Blum fittings and includes a bedside table. At the customer's request, the product's dimensions can vary as well as the number of elements included in it. For the integrity of the composition, each model is finalized by the designers of our factory on an individual basis.

Fashion furniture DONNA is a successful family business founded in 2008 by Natalia and Alexander Donchenko, one of the few production managers of this kind who try not only to keep up with the most advanced technologies but also to bring something into them.

Rapidly changing design trends and ideas about the comfort and lifestyle of a modern person are the elements that inspire them to develop and collaborate with the best Ukrainian designers. Thus, DONNA not only perfectly fulfils all the wishes of its customers but also offers them progressive and high-quality products.

Other prizes
2019, Kyiv – KIFF exhibition, BEST MEBEL UA competition. MIA Kitchen wins the “Best Kitchen of the Year”. 2019, Austria – MIA kitchen received a special prize at the “Austrian Choice award” from the world leader in HPL panels – Fundermax. 2020, Kyiv – UKRAINIAN DESIGN: THE VERY BEST OF: MIA kitchen Wins “Best Of” in the category Product Design 2020. 2024, London - London International Creative Competition: SUMINAGASHI tables were shortlisted in the category USE (Product) / Home Furniture and got the Honorable Mention.