Sway Rocking Stool

  • Prize
    Winner in Other Chairs
  • Company/Firm
    Travis Hyatt Design
  • Designer
    Travis Hyatt
  • Photo Credit
    Travis Hyatt
  • Location
  • Project Date
    MAY 2022
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Guided by a fine-craft approach to design, the Sway rocking stool is an honest to function representation of a traditional rocking horse. Constraints were created by breaking the form down into the three necessary parts; reins, rockers, and saddle. Parts are factored by the simple requirements of ergonomics, structure and recreation. These limitations steered the design from a literal “horse,” into a functional stool while maintaining its purpose as a hobby horse.

It is designed to be straddled for front-back motion or sat on for side-side motion. Cording is woven into a saddle which provides a form-fitting comfort as the user rocks or sways. The hardwood black walnut is complimented by brass dowels which guide the eyes around the intersecting joints. Each curve was meticulously planned for body-contour and aesthetic. The material and form are chosen for complementing an interior rather than distracting from. Because the literal profile of a horse was removed, the design becomes more approachable from a furniture standpoint and suitable for multiple interior environments.