Neuron-system side table (the Pyramid Series)

  • Prize
    Winner in Coffee Table
  • Company/Firm
    RuphusSten Studio
  • Designer
    Ruphus Sten

Neuron,structure of the human brain's neural network, is also the material carrier that carries human thoughts. In this microscopic neural network, I found the most stable structure in the physical world. Each discharge of a synaptic connection forms a closed path that constitutes what we call thinking and emotions.
From a macro perspective, resembles the structure of a cosmic wormhole, creating a sense of science fiction or a visual experience that transcends the present reality. Because this structure itself does not exist in the scale of the physical world in which we live. However, you can always find this form of energy division in the process of the growth of all things. It exists in human civilization and in all known and unknown forms of life. Connecting everything. "Impeccable mirror, neural structure" is more of a tribute to the great life and civilization. is one of the most exquisite products in the Neuron artist furniture series. The completely matrix-like mirror construction and the customized translucent panel create a sensory experience akin to a journey. The dispersed light and shadows under the spotlights float like auroras.