• Prize
    Winner in Cabinet
  • Company/Firm
    Studio Minus
  • Designer
    Camil Milincu
  • Lead Designer(Other)
    Otilia Tudoran
  • Photo Credit
    Diana Bilec
  • Location
    Timisoara, Romania
  • Project Date
  • Project Link
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The Reliquary is a piece of furniture with influences deeply rooted in the traditions of Byzantine art. Burnt wood doors serve as a physical and symbolic boundary, demarcating a sanctuary of order in the tumultuous expanse of the outside world. Constructed of solid wood, the outer shell features a juxtaposition of faceted elements, a chaotic mosaic of wooden elements. Looking closely, through the small gaps in the doors, one can catch a glimpse of the contrasting interior.
As the doors open, they reveal a composition that stands in antithesis to the outer shell. One can see a cross occupying the scene's center, delimiting four golden fields. These fields, in turn, serve as fronts for a series of 64 drawers. The inner surface, much smoother, is vibrated on a chromatic level. Various shades of gold, including leaf and powders, create a brilliant play of light and fine textures. Amidst this radiant landscape, a single piece in a shade of bright blue stands out.

Otilia Alexandra Tudoran is a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture in Timisoara and teacher in the same institution.
Beginning with 2020 she started collaborating with Studio Minus designing and accomplishing together with Camil Milincu several pieces of furniture.
In 2022 and 2023 Studio Minus won several international competitions with some of the pieces of furniture.
In 2023 Studio Minus participates with 3 design objects in the RDW exhibition, Connections. The designs are at the limit between design and art, they are custom-made, unique pieces of furniture created by the team members

Other prizes
A' Design Awards and Competition 2022, Bronze for The Stalker IDA Awards, Bronze for The Stalker IDA Awards, Honourable Mention for Techne A' Design Awards and Competition 2023, Bronze for Techne (Hidden Category)