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    Winner in Vase
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    Uta Meeder
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There are few objects whose function accommodates such a variety of designs and materials as vases. With VASES, MAOMI has reduced the vase to its essentials and thus developed an object that makes any flower or bouquet shine.

Made of high-quality porcelain, fired at 1280 degrees Celsius and glazed in matt white, the VASES vase by MAOMI is an eye-catcher in any living area. The delicate matt eggshell tone determines the colour of the high-quality product.

MAOMI VASES stand for a piece of craftsmanship in traditional manufacturing and socially sustainable production. Our partner company in Vietnam is part of an international development cooperative that is committed to economically and ecologically sustainable production conditions in developing and emerging countries.

MAOMI supports the factory in its efforts to achieve fair wages, social standards and the establishment of gender equality in the local labour market.