Ovo Mirrors

  • Prize
    Winner in Accessories
  • Company/Firm
    Rottet Collection
  • Designer
    Lauren Rottet
  • Photo Credit
    Christopher Barrett, for just the showroom shot, Chris Coe
  • Project Date
    May 15, 2023
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  • Web URL

The inspiration behind the Ovo Mirrors (Arc, Ellipse, and Trapezoid) was the acclaimed designer’s regard for the early Light and Space artists who often hid mirrors within their work to manipulate the environment.
Envisioned as an egg (ovo from Latin ?vum), the clear portion of the mirror represents the yolk and its definitive shape gives each mirror its name. Integrating different shapes and colored surfaces, each mirror creates a powerful impression by reflecting light and motion in a dynamic way. They all capture a focused view in the clear glass and echo subtle movements dancing in the background of the peripheral colored glass. This creates a sensation of being in a space that is kinetic rather than static.
Says the designer, “I can’t stand a still interior environment. You can strategically place mirrors to create energy. With these, the mirror is not the primary statement. It’s the reflectivity and its influence on a space.”
Available in bronze, grey and navy blue glass. Frames available in bronze or stainless steel.

Arc: W 62.25cm x D 6.25cm x H 198cm
Ellipse: W 76cm x D 6cm x H 122cm
Trapezoid: W 76cm x D 6cm x H 213cm
Materials: Metal frame, glass mirrors.