Bright Wabi Sabi

  • Prize
    Winner in Apartment Interior Design
  • Company/Firm
    Henri Liu Interior Design Ltd.
  • Designer
    Kuan Heng Liu
  • Location
  • Project Date
  • Client
    Private Client
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This project involves renovating a two-bedroom single-story home for a single homeowner with occasional hosting needs. The design emphasizes flow, openness, and privacy with social elements. Minimalism and functionality are key, focusing on maximizing natural lighting and materials for health, texture, and low-saturation color schemes, embodying modern wabi-sabi aesthetics.
Hexagonal tiles define the entrance foyer and bathroom areas. Mirrored walls amplify light in the foyer, visually expanding the space and minimizing dust. The bathroom features a bathtub with titanium-gold fixtures for a touch of luxury. A five-way drainage system and slopes ensure efficient water drainage. An integrated ventilation system prevents moisture buildup. Artisanal coatings, terrazzo flooring, and textured tiles create a retro ambiance.
The living room showcases a slanted low counter against the main wall, while the foyer cabinet extends into an oval high bar. A curved ceiling in the guest room adds architectural interest, and the bedroom boasts a glass sliding door for privacy. The design optimizes space and enhances functionality and comfort, enriching the spatial experience with depth and meaning.