Changzhou Tian’an Villa Show Flat

  • Prize
    Winner in Residential Design
  • Company/Firm
    One House Design
  • Designer
    Fang Lei
  • Location
    Changzhou, China

The Tian’an Villa Show Flat is located in the core hinterland of West Taihu Lake in Changzhou. Based on local thinking, and the characteristics of the original water system and region, guided by forward-looking thinking, it combines modern design techniques with the beauty of hotel style, aiming to constantly exploring the ultimate residence in the natural context.
By the landscaping technique combining virtual and real, it presents a unique artistic conception of returning home. Based on the terrain drop of the original structure, the relationship between the blocks is carefully sorted out to optimize the stacking and connection. The continuation and response of design elements can be seen in many places, and the tension between opposition and integration is also hidden in the details.
The second floor follows the overall tone and is arranged in an array style. In the master bedroom, the simple appearance contains the thinking of the upper and lower volumes and the interaction between front and back. The basement is extended by the building structure. Meeting guests, tasting wine, socializing, and entertaining here, carefully constructing the comfortable enjoyment in every detail.