wonder stage

  • Prize
    Winner in Retail Design
  • Company/Firm
    KAMITOPEN Co., Ltd.
  • Designer
    Masahiro Yoshida
  • Lead Designer(Other)
    Tou Hyousei
  • Photo Credit
    Keisuke Miyamoto
  • Location
    211 Tokorozawa Skyrise Tower, 1-16 Miyuki-cho, Tokorozawa-shi, Saitama,Japan
  • Project Date
    December,2, 2022
  • Web URL

?360 degrees?
Wander Stage is EC garment shop that specialises in selling and dealing with both stage costumes and formal clothing. As EC shopping is an easy and fast way to purchase products, it also has its weak point – there is no possibility to try on clothes. In order to solve this problem we have designed a shop where people can only try on garments previously found on the internet. In the real and actual space provided, customers can check on the goods they have found on the internet. If they like some, they can buy the products by connecting to the Internet through the garment tag. Since this is not a typical shop, there is no staff to greet and advice to customers as well as there is no point of sale and cash till. For this reason, the store allows you to spend your time freely and unobstructed. In addition, the design meets the customers needs to see themselves from every direction, from 360 degrees, whilst trying on clothes.
In reality, by covering the entire space with mirrors, you can infinitely see the background reflection in the space as well as see yourself from all of the angles.
We want people to choose their favorite clothes to meet one’s heart’s content.