• Prize
    Winner in Restaurant & Bar Design
  • Company/Firm
    HDC Design
  • Designer
    Jiajun Tang, Rene Liu
  • Lead Designer(Other)
    Dana, Yuqing He, Jiajun Tang, Rene Liu, Dana, Yuqing He
  • Other Credit
    Chuan He
  • Location
    No. 181, Jiaozi Avenue Wuhou District, Chengdu, China
  • Project Date
    March 2022

Ministry of Crab, a Sri Lankan brand that has been honoured as Asia’s top 50 restaurants for the last few years, is now in Chengdu and looking forward to winning more customers and business. The restaurant is divided into two storeys, with the ground floor serving as the bar and the first as the restaurant.

The design of the bar focused on concepts. We wanted to create a free and trendy place that is also special and memorable on Jiaozi Avenue. We have incorporated the wings of the archangel that support the entire first storey and make it the focal point. The specially designed illumination makes the wings come alive, which seem about to take flight, and adds to the bar’s versatility and dramatic tension.

As the restaurant on the first storey enjoys plenty of natural light and a good view of the Twin Towers, we decided not to block the view with any additional elements. Instead, we focused on creating a shell-shaped ceiling, which is decorated with a stand-alone illumination device. The entire ceiling is lit up and the exterior appears translucent and exquisite, making BOX·MOC stand out on Jiaozi Avenue.