Botan Coffee

  • Prize
    Winner in Restaurant & Bar Design
  • Company/Firm
    Leechen International Design Co.
  • Designer
    Joseph Lee
  • Photo Credit
    Chris Fan
  • Location
    New Taipei City
  • Project Date
  • Project Link

"Botan Coffee" is a black modern-style shop located on the ground floor of a new community in a redeveloped area. Inspired by the owner's grandfather, who had a tattoo of a peony symbolizing bravery, the shop exudes a low-key yet mysterious ambiance. The interior features a double-height loft layout with a distinct black color scheme and layered materials. French windows allow ample natural light to highlight the space's exquisite proportions and add warmth. The flooring combines diagonal patterns of squeeze pebbles and wooden floorboards, while the bar area boasts three shades of gray and wave-shaped designs. The exterior incorporates peony elements, and the textured walls create a serene seating area. The simple and concise design of the tables and chairs is complemented by a light-colored wooden staircase. Indirect lighting in the staircase area and tea mirror adds a captivating effect. Overall, the incorporation of the peony symbolizes the beauty of life and conveys trustworthiness, pride, nobility, and anticipation.