• Prize
    Winner in Lamp
  • Designer
    Chris Jing
  • School
    Artcenter College of Design

Lume is a family of lamps to elevate the coffee-drinking experience. Lume gives people a relaxing mood, sitting quietly beside that cup of coffee.

Lume Outdoor is used within coffee stores. It has a halo space to diffuse the warm light and create a dripping feeling, sitting quietly next to that cup of coffee.

Lume Home is a premium collectible to bring the coffee experience home. It has a frosted glass diffuser with a polished brass base, being a perfect companion when making coffee yourself.

They share the exact same lighting unit. The design challenges are incorporating LEDs into a small space and achieving convenient recharging purposes. I used COB LEDs and a spring touch switch, being able to control the lamp by simply touching the outer shell. I also put magnets and an induction charging coil in it so that Lume is rechargeable with magnetic induction chargers.

Lume Outdoor is 3D printed for prototypes and PLA injection molded for commercial use, reducing the cost per lamp and protecting the environment since PLA is made from plants. Lume Home is made of frosted glass to diffuse the light even softer.