Lilje - A desk lamp for digital meetings

  • Prize
    Winner in Desk lamp
  • Designer
    Mons Eriksen
  • School
    The Oslo School of Architecture and Design
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As more people work from home, and the distances between colleagues and partners are getting bigger, digital meetings is becoming a big part of everyones lives. Over 70% of our communication is nonverbal during a conversation, and effect how we perceive each other. During digital meetings a lot of this communication can be lost or misinterpreted through factors as bad lighting. The purpose of Lilje is to combine streaming lighting and work lighting in an elegant design that fits both in the office and at home. Through design and function, the lamp can be transformed from a desk lamp to streaming light by turning the lampshade towards the face. The lamp has two joints, one at the top and one at the bottom. This allows the user to adjust the lamp acording to the work situation, and allows great flexibility in use. The cut in the lampshade makes it possible to rotate the lampshade 180 degrees. The buttons allow the user to adjust the temperature and brightness, to adapt the light to the lighting conditions in the workplace, and prevent glare. They are accessible and easy to use, so that adjusting the lamp during meetings dont become a disturbing element.