The Estella Lounge Chair

  • Prize
    Winner in Chair
  • Designer
    Rebecca Scarbrough
  • School
    Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Location
    Atlanta, Georgia
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The Estella lounge chair is a sleek, sophisticated chair for those who enjoy living a life of luxury. Its dynamic steel frame and crocodile embossed vinyl make this chair a bold addition to any living space.

This chair seamlessly blends various materials and techniques to achieve its modern aesthetic and sturdy build. Drawing inspiration from brutalism, angular forms, and automotive design, this chair strikes a balance between sharp visual appeal and ergonomics. Its hard exterior is no reflection of the soft comfort of the seat. Unlike traditional chairs, it boasts a sleek, straight frame put together with 10 welds, eliminating any bends. The marriage of a minimalist frame with a maximalist print blends into a piece reminiscent of urban interiors.

With six feet of mild steel, two yards of vinyl, and two hundred grams of plastic, the Estella Lounge Chair brings together multiple disciplines – from 3D design to upholstery, machining, and welding – creating what could easily be the centerpiece of any modern home.

My name is Rebecca Scarbrough, and I'm a Sophomore studying Industrial Design student at Georgia Tech. As I work my way through all the twists and turns design school and the industry has to offer I write about my learnings on my blog Design Does That. I'm passionate about soft goods and traditional product design. Like most designers, I'm driven by the desire to create beautiful things that not only captivate visually but also enhance the lives of the people who interact with them.