Chair Ali

  • Prize
    Winner in Chair
  • Designer
    Suleyman Aslan
  • School
    University of Iowa
  • Location
    Iowa City, Iowa
  • Project Link

Chair Ali is a designed that is captivating embodiment of the Turkish culture seamlessly integrated with contemporary aesthetics, resulting in a one-of-a-kind and versatile piece. The key aspect of this was incorporating a Turkish kilim rug, a textile renowned for its vibrant patterns and cultural significance. Each cushion became a unique canvas, adorned with a tapestry of colors and motifs. It also aimed to create a design that would seamlessly blend with modern interiors, by making the cushions double sided which can change the chair's pattern to many different variations, and focusing on the chair's structure, opting for an asymmetrical modern design. This feature serves as a representation of the harmony between tradition and innovation. Chair Ali fuses the organic patterns of the kilim fabric with the clean lines of the chair's form; it creates a harmonious juxtaposition, evoking a sense of intrigue and cultural fusion.