• Prize
    Winner in Chair
  • Designer
    Farzam Khoshnoud, Fatemeh Sahrayi
  • School
    Pars University of Architecture and Art

The CoralChair aims to bridge your rooms to the deepest level of the oceans

The function of this chair is not limited to a specific period After years of useing?
When you decide not to use it any more, the second golden period begins, in order to leave it in the ocean as an artificial coral and a suitable habitat for sea animals ,substantially this product is always sustainable from past to now and future.

The main core material "Hempcrete"is carefully selected to be compatible with the environment in addition its eco-friendly plastic body with clean lines and harmonious shapes
Made of recycled material from the waste of the seas
to remove pollution from the seas and replace it with a new gift which is called Coralchair.